Discount Kitchen Cabinets Sale

Affordable White and Chocolate Shaker, Traditional Oak Cabinets

Oxley Cabinets’ mission has always been to supply Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia with affordable, quality cabinets without the wait. Pick them up today. Or we can deliver them tomorrow. Give us a few days to a week and we can install them too.

Every week, we sell, deliver and generally install dozens of jobs, consisting of hundreds of cabinets, moldings, countertops, and accessories going through our doors. We have always been a high-volume cabinet company so that we can buy at the best prices then resell at discount prices to you.

We carry white shaker cabinets, brown chocolate shaker cabinets, and traditional oak cabinets as our stock cabinets. These aren’t just cheap cabinets; all meet the KCMA’s strict standards.

All are prefab – prefabricated, already assembled – so that our customers, installers, and warehouse staff don’t have to spend any extra time putting them together.

Because we sell so much, we occasionally bring some back. We’ve been known to take off a door to replace one from another cabinet but generally we sell them at discount prices to anyone who walks thru the door.

Now we’re about to make room for a new line of white shaker cabinets in addition to the white shaker we already have because this line is even more affordable. (More to come on that in another post.) Short and simple, we need to sell a lot of cabinets so we’re reducing our prices on these cabinets even more than our already low prices.

For example, Greenforest Cabinetry recommends a sale price for the W4230 (Wall cabinet, 42” wide, 30” tall) for $398. Oxley Cabinet’s everyday retail price is $258.70. Because we need the room, we’re willing to sell this cabinet for $30. If it’s damaged, we’ll sell it $20. Bases we’ll sell for $30-40, pantry cabinets $40-50.

Call or text us at 904-981-3011. Email us at We want to make this easy and convenient for you.