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Do you work with companies or regular ol' homeowners?

We work with builders, contractors, rehabbers, remodelers, property managers, apartment complexes, fire and water restoration firms, other cabinet suppliers, and yes, homeowners.

Is it really true that I can get cabinets and countertops by tomorrow?

Yes, it is very true. People very often call, text or fax us a list and they can even pick it up the same day – even after walking in, we will pull the order while they wait. We can customize our countertops to fit your needs within a couple days too. It usually takes us a week or two to install the cabinets and countertops but have been known to fit installations in the next day or two. It just depends on how busy we are at the time.

How fast does it take to install a kitchen or bathroom?

We can do it within hours or within days, depending upon the amount of cabinets, how hard it is to work in the space, how well the area is prepared, the weather,… We can get small jobs done within a few hours.

Are you hiring?

We are always accepting resumes.

How to Install cabinets?

Not that many people ever ask but here is a quick