In today’s world, we have grown to expect instant satisfaction. Perhaps the biggest disappointment Bill Oxley had heard over the years was having to wait weeks to get their cabinets.

Oxley Cabinet Warehouse was created to serve that need.

You’d think you’d have to pay a higher price to get that, but Bill wants to have something like Walmart where you get a good price for something of good quality. So we buy cabinets weekly by the semi and get the best deals from our suppliers.

We used to have 4 cabinet styles in stock, but trends change and 2 rarely were purchased and so now we only order them upon request. Glenwood and Chadwood from Kitchen Kompact are still a big seller to this day.

In the last few years, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for an affordable white shaker cabinet to keep in-stock so last year we added that. We were disappointed in the quality of our original supplier so in November 2018 we switched to


Bella from Green Forest Cabinetry, a much better cabinet at the same price. So far the reviews from our customers and installers has been very impressive.

Weekly semi crammed with cabinets from Kitchen Kompact

All three of these cabinets are on display in our showroom as well as counter tops, hardware, crown mouldings and our semi-custom options that we can order on a per-job basis.