Steve Oxley, Marketing & Client Relations

Steve Oxley, Marketing & Client Relations

Hi! My name is Steve Oxley and I’d like to welcome you to our website. Feel free to look around but I’d like to first address why you came here.

You are here because you want good affordable cabinets and you want them now. Right?

Dad’s philosophy is to sell the way he would want to buy… cheap! That’s not a word I like to use and really shouldn’t because our cabinets are of good quality. Check out the in-stock page for more on that. Dad does believe in an unbeatable product and service, just at an affordable price.

For people who will buy a lot, that keep coming back for more, we offer an even better deal. Not much to qualify you as long as it makes sense such as a trades-oriented business license or you work as a property manger. Just two examples of what makes sense.

If you need business credit, we have a credit application that is based on references more than a credit report. Again, we are looking for something that makes sense.

For more about me, check out my LinkedIn page.

Again, look around this website then give me a call or text at 904-203-8355 or email me at to get started or to ask me questions.

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